In Connecticut we are known for hard work and workers.  This is why the Bee represents us perfectly. We are all working together similar to Bees in a hive, but in our case it is for our city of New Britain.

   The design has the spirit of hard work, and is a symbol that is meant to empower everyone, especially women of our city.   This statue is of Erin Stewart is wearing a pink hard hat showing that she is not afraid of hard work.

     I incorporated the logo of New Britain inside the eyes.  Also,  Mayor Stewart is rocking her flashy blue blazer with a bright safety vest over. The wings on the right side show two maps of New Britain. The top map is from 1869, and the bottom being of current day.  The wings on the left side are when Mayor Erin Stewart was sworn in.  On the bottom wing is her father Tim Stewart, a former mayor of New Britain t who served from 2003 to 20011.