Clinton Deckert for Hospital for Special Care

Enclosed please find sketch mockup of basic idea for painting the Bee. The preliminary concept of this Bee for Hospital for Special Care has been discussed in person with my sponsor’s contact person, Wendy DeAngelo. We are of like minds and look forward to working together again.  (We worked together a few years ago The Ducks.) We agreed on basic color scheme, and some symbolism depicting the hospital’s “Spectrum of Kindness” program using puzzle piece design, which deals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and also themes of cardiac care, rehabilitation, etc.  I intend to develop the puzzle design perhaps in the lattice structure of the wings.  Generally my creative process is spontaneous as I react with the surface to be painted. This Bee provides contours that will evoke unpredicted responses but will also be regimented to certain degree to basic concept as mentioned previously. Therefore, … The end result Bee will vary quite a bit from the sketch, but I pledge to work with Wendy along the way for her input and approval. She has told me that she is comfortable with that arrangement. I will submit an inspired artist’s statement as the creation evolves to completion.

For similar project references; I have painted 3 cows for “CowParade”, including a cow for Max’s Oyster Bar, one for the New Britain Rock Cats and another that was displayed in the streets of New York City.. I have also painted several projects for the Oil Drum Art movement, and Foster The Duck for Wheeler Clinic. I am anxious to get started and hope you grant me the opportunity to get started.


Clinton A. Deckert