To inspire creativity in the arts, draw attention to local historical art organizations, and provide directional support to the (hard to find) ALNB carriage house barn, 30 Cedar Street .

Overall today

Black and Vibrant Yellow

This multi eye messenger of art is ready to ‘B’ inspiring.  The shimmery (silver/gold?) wings are a visual montage of things art makes happen…smile, rainbows, flowers, love and more!!!

The Bee’s striping is a typographic design of encouragements ie, ‘B’original, ‘B’creative, ‘B’musical, ‘B’yourself…

Finishing touches

  • stinger is a paint brush

  • designer boots are back to back ‘B’

  • a pin over Bee’s heart reads ‘I♡Art’

  • back of Bee’s head ‘Follow Me 2 ALNB (logo)’

  • pedestal base is grassy green knoll with blossoms and butterflies and signage indicating directional to carriage house