Jennifer Florio for Community Mental Health Affiliates

Bee: Mosaic

We have chosen to create a mosaic sculpture on our Bee.  The design will feature the entire Bee in neutral colored tile (light blues/greens, whites and greys).  The front side will have a multi-colored mandala centered on the body, while the back will have three abstract figures holding hands in green and blue.  We focused our design on the many aspects of the CMHA.

The term mosaic conjures up meanings like fractured, damaged, mixed-up, pieces coming apart, etc.  It also conveys images of being mended, healed, recovered, and being brought together.  These all have a corresponding relationship to mental health.  A Mandala is a Sanskrit word-meaning circle and represents the universe.  The pattern within the mandala is usually balanced and harmonized symbolizing how we are all connected and part of the wider universe.  There is always a center starting point that represents the seed of greatness, which lies in all of us.  The inner wheel shows how an individual lives and interacts with the world.  The Lotus stands for the “unhurt” part of us beneath all the pain & suffering of life a person is still capable of boundless love, compassion & courage. Like a lotus seed that breaks through the mud to blossom in air and sunlight, similarly the seed of greatness within can ripen to break through and flower in each of us.  The outer circle represents the interconnectedness of us all.  Therefore, this mandala symbol reminds us that the potentiality for greatness exists in all beings, and that we all have the strength and capability to rise above fears, self imposed limitations & personal stories of hurt & brokenness to live a more empowered & fulfilling life.  We chose this symbol to help represent the core beliefs and philosophy of the CMHA.  Their focus on whole person care is complimented beautifully with the lotus mandala.  The back of the Bee will highlight the CMHA’s optimistic approach and feeling of community with the three hand holding figures.  Once completed, our Bee will showcase the CMHA’s beliefs and commitment.