Kat Harrisoin for Tomz Corp

I propose to highlight certain colors that represent TOMZ. I would then take the process through my personal artistic expression with the use of layering paint in a tasteful way." The colors I would highlight are the blue and red orange in the logo, complimented by grey, white and light blue.

I have also come up with a second Bee that takes influence from a hexagonal patterned design. When done precisely, this hexagonal patterning creates an optical illusion of boxes popping inwards and outwards. It reflects their perfect precision in the execution of their products. As this is the Tomz Corporation’s 30th anniversary, I wanted to also symbolize the importance of working together. Each hexagonal shape is approximately 6” and is made up of three different colors that reflect the Tomz logo of a royal blue, a red orange and light grey. The images I have presented you with are not exact but rather a sketch of my overall idea. I hope to project the pattern, working around the sculptural complications. The bees base would be white with the Tomz Logo painted on the bottom and the wings to be make up of a hexagonal patterning that mimics a honeycomb.