BEE Minion is inspired by Minions from the movie; Despicable Me, the worker bee, hives/honeycombs and portals; being transported from one place to another.

I grew up in Bristol and currently reside in Bristol. My mother’s farming family moved here from upper Maine. They settled down here in Bristol and my grandfather worked at Stanley Works way back in the 60’s. My father’s family came here from Puerto Rico and they settled down in Bristol where my grandfather worked construction his whole life. I can’t deny that the laborers, “worker bee’s” have helped shape the person that I am.

My husband is an immigrant, coming from Dominican Republic. In a way, he has brought his hard working farming habits and the fruits of his learning and labor from his country to the Unites States, from one hive to another.

The BEE Minion is inspired by the labor force, hence the reason I asked for Hammer n Nails to be the sponsor. I will paint the Logo of Hammer n Nails in a couple of spots on BEE Minion. My husband and I also own our own interior, exterior painting business. Although a minion is defined as a “follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one”, we all know business can’t be done without the workforce. Just as the hive can’t produce its honey without the worker bee.

I see the hive hexagonal shapes as places for symbols, icons that make up a bee’s life.

I will paint several icons in the hexagonal shapes, such as flowers, mechanical drawing and shapes of bees, icons of danger and toxicity- things that may have contributed to the demise of the Honey Bee and icons that represent construction such as hammer, tape measure or drill.

New Britain’s motto “Industria implet alveare et melle fruitur – translated from Latin – means "Industry fills the hive and enjoys the honey." This phrase was coined by Elihu Burritt, a 19th-century New Britain resident, diplomat, philanthropist and social activist.” -Wikipedia