Charles Tersolo here. I've completed the sketch for the first angle with my artistic expression. I'll be speaking to Microcare Contacts for the other two angles, but I'd like to get this one approved. The letters would be projected on, from this one angle the oversize letters would be very visible, from every other angle they would distort and become abstract, especially the base viewed from the other side. Got some ideas for that, but want to check in with MicroCare first.

Baby blue base, legs, and head.

Gray wings.

White belly.

BODY: Instead of black and yellow stripes, the letters are projected oversize and painted black, with the spaces between painted yellow, to give and abstract yellow and black bee feel.

HEAD: Baby blue oceany color with orange and red"continents" that are actually the countries MicroCare does business in: India, China, Singapore, UK, Brussels, and USA

The classic symbol of green, blue, red, and orange yello system fluids follows the horizontal bee stripes. A relatively perfect Trademark follows the arc of the bee belly, with the stripe around it painted yellow for contrast. But the belly is all white except for the logo circles and the black and white end of the regular horizontal trademark.

I'm four hours in on this design, it would help to know it's approved. It's alot of work painting the bee, and the drawing request seems simple but quadruples the time if they have any complexity/artistic interest. I hope they are just being approved if not too offensive, it's another big time request for "tweaking" or redrafting, and that cuts into time/ care painting the actual bee.

This side if very pop-art, eye catching, and stark. the other two sides will be softer and more harmonious with less contrast, and more colorful...If nobody notices the bee, it matters little how lovely it is if they don't walk over and start looking.