Kim Gremillion: Luminous Circles
April 5 – 27, 2018

Artist Statement

My work is an abstract interpretation of my life, my environment and my relationships as they have been shaped by my tumultuous childhood. As a foster child I was not exposed to art and artists until the local book mobile began to make the rounds through the poorer neighborhoods. In these books I discovered artists such as Sonia Delaunay, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. I have used the artwork from these artists as inspiration and as a therapeutic tool most of my life. This has influenced my work and it allowed me to express myself on canvas.

I use geometric shapes to represent my ability to control my impulsive urges by creating closed and somewhat claustrophobic spaces that are filled with chaotic overlaying bursts of color. These repetitive shapes, usually circles, illustrate my desire to tamp down my excessive responses to emotional triggers and I use these shapes to express the containment of the stressors in my mind. It is a kind of controlled chaos that I put on canvas with carefully planned geometric shapes followed by a chaotic infusion of pallet knife bursts of color. My work is usually large in nature because my emotions feel all consuming on occasion which is reflected by the size and scope of the canvas and/or the objects in the painting. I am very tactile person and there is an abundance of purposeful texture in the richness of the paint. I have been known to use my hands when pallet knives and brushes don’t give me the desired effect.

When you look at my work you are getting a peek into my mental state at any given time. Subdued uses of hue may imply my calm, and bright explosions of color that are applied assertively may imply chaos or excitement. It is a state of mind that I hide somewhat, day to day, but one that I feel safe to expose on canvas.

As my work has evolved, occasionally I leave the canvas. My life has become balanced and my equilibrium stabilized and as a result, my shapes, lines and colors float off the picture plane in broken shards of color. The objects move freely. I feel brave, which allows for the objects in my paintings to have the strength to hover on the edges of the canvas without falling off. I use the claustrophobic spaces sparingly in my more recent paintings by incorporating squares and closed, boxed in, shapes.  I have used the palette knife frugally or I have incorporated scumbling layer upon layer of color to create the desired effect of vibrancy, luminosity and movement. My paintings have splintered off and given birth to a fresh style with results that have been explosive in color, composition and design.