All Tourism District Board Members Listed Alphabetically
Tourism District Town Representatives

Tourism Industry Representatives for the Regional Tourism Districts

Representing                                                     Director                                      District

Agri Educational                                                 Beecher, Norm                          Eastern
Art Museum                                                        Flynn, Tammi                              Eastern
Bushnell Center For The Performing Arts         Myers, Charlie                           Central
Business for Downtown Hartford                      Chiaramonte, Frank                   Central
CCT                                                                     Schmidt, Rita                              Eastern
CT Lodging Association                                     Muthersbaugh, Jeff                   Central
Essex SteamTrain & Riverboat                           Whalen, Ericka                           Central
Golf                                                                     Rustici, Joseph                           Eastern
Greater New Britain Arts Alliance                     Hard, Stephen                            Central
Historical Sites                                                   Donovan. Deborah                     Eastern
Kidcity Children's Museum                                Alexander, Jennifer                    Central
Mark Twain House & Museum                          Beal, Kim                                    Central
Middlesex Chamber of Commerce                  Bond, Joanna                             Central
New England Air Museum                                Roberts, Jerry                             Central
Olde Mistick Village                                          Resnikoff, Joyce                          Eastern
Parks & Rec                                                       Adams, Pamela                           Eastern
Post Road Stages                                              Snow Priscilla                             Central
Radisson-Cromwell                                           Gardiner, Steve                           Central
SEEconDev                                                        Mackenzie, C. Stephen              Eastern
Sky Cable TV                                                     Mindera, Jr., Stephen                 Western
Waterbury - Palace Theater                              Marcucci, Sheree                       Western
Windsor Chamber of Commerce                      Bell, Bob                                     Central